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Quick Brick
Collapse clone with 3 modes: Tournament, 100 or Endless

Little Rocketman
Choose the angle and power carefully to land safely. Bo…

Alien 100
Jigsaw puzzle with green alien graphic

Race the PC player to run to the end of the maze and en…

Blox Forever
Remove blox by placing the same coloured blox together.…

Mercury Drops
This is a unique puzzle game that is easy to play but d…

Power Play
Score as many power play goals and points as you can wi…

Play volleyball - except this time there is no ball but…

Mini Golf
Another Mini Golf game that can be play on your desktop

Javelin Throw
Race against the other 3 characters in the javelin even…

Miniclip Rally
Race around as either the Monkey (from Monkey Lander), …

Drive And Dodge
Dodge the other car in this racing game with unique gam…

War in Iraq
Go solo in Iraq

Scooby Doo: E3
Shaggy & Scooby can only manage to escape from the …

Protect the city by piloting the Avenger

Crusin With Crush
Help Crush to collect as many baby turtle as possible

Whack a Boss
Whack the boss in this version of the classic arcade

Guide the ball to the finish line - avoid the hole and …

Xtreme Skate
Skate in the busy street without getting caught

This is a side scrolling game where you control Rieland

A vairation of classic Moon-Lander game. This time the …

Dark Waters The Fight
Kill your enemy as fast as possile to win the game.

Super Monkey Poop Fight
Go around collect banana in this Flash game

Bloody Race
Lots of characters and character's unique move in this …

Indiana Jones IO
Lead Indiana Jones to capture the Holy Grail

Kangaroo Jack
Catch the Kangaroo before it get away with your jacket …

Turn magical runes into gold and remove them from the p…

Play your resources and capture the castles using minim…

Ant Ken-Do
Try to forced your opponent into the water in this japa…

Bomb Jack
Collect bombs and coins and avoid contacts with monster…

Sekonda Ice Hockey
Play ice hockey at the Skonda Arena

Keep shooting the wave after waves of enemy spacecrafts…

Railroad Tycoon 3
Drag the track pieces onto the gird. Form a complete ra…

Mad Cows
Click on the mad cows before they hide themselves

try survived the creepy nucleo's.

The Shoot Out
First person shooter with night vision

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